Wedding Related

So many events -- So little time

There are many events associated with your wedding.  Here are some samples that may help you with those related occasions.


Introducing the future
Mr. and Mrs. Gamble
Please join us for an
engagement party honoring
Lisa and Brian
on Saturday, April 8th at 6 p.m.
Green Grille
100 Main Place
Buffalo, New York

Regrets only to Alice
716-555-1212 or

Spring is here
Wedding bells are near…
Please join us to celebrate
the engagement of
Lisa and Brian
at an Outdoor Buffet Dinner
Saturday, May 19th
6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
100 Main Way
West Seneca, New York

Hosted by Daniel and Alice Gamble

The most precious moment of her life…
Brian asked Lisa to be his wife!
Please join us in celebrating
the engagement of
Lisa Fox
Brian Gamble
on Saturday, June 12th at 7 p.m.
Dan and Alice Gamble’s Home
100 Main Circle
Lancaster, New York

We’re bubbling with the news…
Lisa and Brian
are engaged!

Join us for
a champagne brunch
April 23rd at 11:00 am
Marco’s Restaurant
100 Main Avenue
Lakeview, New York

Bridal Shower

A sprinkle of flowers and a couple of kisses,
soon Brian and Lisa will be
Mr. and Mrs.
But as we wait for that special hour,
let’s honor Lisa
with a Surprise Bridal Shower!
on Sunday, April 6th
at 12 noon
Red Fish Restaurant
100 Main Street
Clarence, New York

Regrets to Stacy at 716-555-1212

Life is a garden,
and love is in bloom!
The bridesmaids of
Lisa Fox
invite you to join them
in showering the bride-to-be
at a Lakeside Luncheon
May 4th at 2 pm
Lakeside Cantina
100 Main Drive
Lakeview, New York

Please bring a silk flower of your favor

Stacy, Kristin, and Olivia

The ingredients for a successful marriage:
a whole lot of love, a dash of spice
and lots of answers to “What’s for dinner?”
Please join us for a Bridal Shower
in honor of
Lisa Fox
on April 12th at 3 pm
100 Main Court
Cheektowaga, New York

Please bring your favorite recipe

Regrets only to Stacy at

Please join us for a
Lingerie Shower
in honor of
Lisa Fox
on Saturday, July 12th
at 7 o’clock in the evening
Stacy Fox’s Home
100 Main Road
Orchard Park, New York

Lisa is a size Small and 32B

 Bachelorette Party

He caught her
hook, line and sinker!
Help us celebrate Lisa‘s
last days as a single woman
at a Surprise Party in her honor
on November 1st at 7 PM
The Mill
100 Main Street
Kenmore, New York

RSVP to Kristin at 716-555-1212

A great friend is getting married
and asked me if I would stand
beside her at the altar
I must get a dress and hold the flowers
and give a wedding toast
but throwing the Bachelorette Party
is the job I like most!

Celebrate with the bride-to-be
Lisa Fox
on Saturday, October 21st at 9 PM
East Street Bar and Grille

Hosted by Kristin Todd

It’s time for the girls to mix and mingle
These are Lisa’s last days of being single!
Join us for sangria and tapas too
Before Lisa says her final “I Do”

You are invited to a
Bachelorette Party honoring
Lisa Fox
on May 15th at 8 PM
at 100 Main Street

Hosted by:
Her Bridesmaids

Lisa Fox is tying the knot
Join us for one last evening of fun
on March 17th
at 7:00 in the evening
at Center City

Stacy Fox

Say goodbye to freedom, Lisa!

Rehearsal Dinner

Brian popped the question,
and Lisa said “Yes”
All the planning is over
from the hall to the dress
Only one thing remains
for this day to be great
“Practice makes Perfect”
September 25th is the date
We’ll practice the ceremony,
and iron out the kinks
Then it’s off to the Peachtree Café
for some dinner and drinks!

Please join the bride and groom-to-be
at 7 o’clock, St. Joseph’s Church

In anticipation of
Lisa and Brian’s big day,
we wouldn’t celebrate any other way
than in the company of
our family and friends!
Please join us
on Friday, August 15th at 6:30 p.m.
for great food, wine and conversation
The Nirvana Cafe
100 Main Circle

Regrets only to Dee
716-555-1212 or

The pleasure of your company
is requested at a rehearsal dinner as
Lisa and Brian
toast to the upcoming unity
of their families
Saturday, October 27th
6 o’clock in the evening
Helena Restaurant
100 Main Drive
Amherst, New York

Before them lies the open road
and a future filled with love and adventure
Please join
Lisa and Brian
at their Rehearsal Dinner
on Thursday, the eighth of March
at six o’clock in the evening
The Ebb and Flow
Williamsville, New York

Hosted by:
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gamble