What makes you different from other invitation shops?

There are countless invitation shops, both brick-and-mortar and online, who claim to give you a custom invitation.  Usually, their version of custom is using a stock, pre-designed invitation, giving you the choice of font and color.

We, at Celestial Invitations, invite you to our studio to discuss your dream day.  That’s all you need to do – we do the rest.  We will design several invitation samples specific to your ideas.  Our goal is for you to have a stress-free experience!

If you do not live in the Buffalo, New York area, all of this can be achieved over the phone and by email.

Just how expensive are handmade invitations?

The great thing about Celestial Invitations is that we can create a custom, handmade product for you, while accommodating your budget.  Our prices vary according to the number of elements used in the creation.  Each custom project is priced individually, but prices range from under $3 and higher.  We make every effort to be competitive with other invitation companies, while giving you a unique, handmade product.

Do you have a minimum quantity per order?

No.  Since all of our products are handmade, there is no problem in creating as few or as many as you need.  Please remember that all our invitations are handmade; therefore, large orders will require extra time.

Along with our competitive prices, you also do not need to order in batch size.  If you need 53 invitations, you do not need to order 75.  This will save you additional money.

When should I order and mail my wedding invitations?

It is best to order your wedding stationery as soon as you know your ceremony and reception locations.  However, you should order your invitations no less than 4 months in advance and mail 4-8 weeks before your wedding.

Save-the-Dates can be mailed 6-9 months prior to your wedding date.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

After our initial contact has been made, you and I will arrange a time for a design consult, which may take up to an hour or more.  Our consultations are always free.

After discussing your ideas and desires, the creation of the samples will begin.  This will take about three to four weeks, as the ideas are formulated, papers are hand selected, elements are crafted, and any additional dialogue ensues.  When the samples are completed, we will meet again for your review of the samples.   Adjustments can always be made to guide you to your final selection.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, a deposit of 75% will begin the assemblage of your invitations.  Depending upon the size of the order, this will take three to six weeks.  Please remember that all invitations are handmade and large orders will require extra time.

Should I order extra invitations when I place my order?

Most definitely!  We recommend that you order at least 10% additional invitations/products.  These take care of those forgotten or last minute guests, B-list guest and keepsakes.

Will you address and mail the invitations for us?

Absolutely! Busy brides and couples need all the help they can get.  If we can alleviate this bit of stress for you, we are glad to do so.

Celestial Invitations will supply you with an Excel worksheet for you guest list.  Once we have the names and addresses, invitations will be addressed.  The envelopes will be printed in a font that matches your invitation.  We never use address labels.  Addressing the response and mailing envelope costs $1.75.  Handwritten addressing is available at an additional cost.  As a courtesy, we will stamp the response envelope, and assemble all parts of your invitation in the envelope, seal, and stamp.  We will personally go to the post office to insure your invitations are mailed.  You, of course, pay the postage .  Clients will be kept abreast of every step of the process.

Can I order a design exactly as it appears on your website?

If you see a particular design on our website that fits your needs, we will make every effort to design it for your special day.  However, it is our policy to never duplicate an invitation that a client has chosen.  It is their unique invitation.  We also can not guarantee that the same papers or embellishments will still be available.

Can you match my invitations to my attendants' dresses or the theme we have chosen?

All products created by Celestial Invitations are custom for your event.  If you have a vision of something you want but don’t know how to achieve it, we will work together to make that vision a reality.  If you wish to match certain colors, we will do the best we can, keeping in mind that print and fabric colors can differ.