So you have chosen the date!  Whether you are planning to invite forty or two hundred forty, Celestial Invitations can create the most memorable invitations and stationery supplies for your event, designed uniquely for you and your occasion.


An invitation from Celestial Invitations is unlike any other.  You don’t need to spend hours browsing through catalogs of invitations that hundreds of others have sent.  Just call us for a free consultation, and your invitation will be designed solely for you.


If you are looking for an original, creative invitation to set the tone for your event, Celestial Invitations is for you!  Our creations are personal and hand made, reflecting your dreams and themes.


I can assure you that handmade can fit into your budget.  Call us at 716-675-1627 or email us at to see just how affordable our personalized invitations can be.

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